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How can you reliably prevent the loss of retained data when closing the WinAC RTX by using a SITOP DC UPS?

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Using an uninterruptible power supply you can shut down a Windows PC system with WinAC RTX without losing data.

WinAC RTX gives you the option of retaining data in memory when you close it. Closing the WinAC RTX is triggered manually via the WinLC panel or by shutting down Windows. To prevent the loss of retained data by a power failure, you are required to use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) (such as SITOP DC UPS with serial or USB interface). If there is a loss of power, the UPS software prompts the operating system to shut down after a parameterized time. When you shut down Windows, all applications are prompted to close one after the other. After a preset time, the UPS shuts the power down. The WinAC RTX only closes once all the applications have closed in turn. However, if one of the previous applications is waiting for an entry, such as "Save changes?" in Microsoft Word, then the WinAC RTX is not closed properly and data might be lost. When using a UPS with a SIMATIC IPC with WinAC RTX (also S7-mEC), you must configure the SITOP UPS Tool as a service in order for it to be active even without a logged on user.

Many SIMATIC IPC have an SRAM that is saved during the power supply buffer time. This likewise ensures reliable saving of the retained data (pay attention to the maximum buffer size).

An executable file ("WinLC_Shutdown.exe"), included on the WinAC RTX installation CD and installed on the SIMATIC IPC, can close WinAC RTX. The WinAC RTX must be closed by the SITOP DC UPS using this shutdown file in order to guarantee data retention. You need to create an executable batch file to call this shutdown file.

An executable batch file contains commands or program calls that are executed when the file is called.

Proceed as follows to ensure data retention.

No. Procedure
1 Open a text editor, Notepad, for example.
2 Write the following commands:
  • start /d "C:\Program Files\SIEMENS\SIMATIC WinCC flexible\WinCC flexible 2008 Runtime" HmiRtmShutdown.exe
  • start /d "C:\Program Files\SIEMENS\WINAC\WinLCRTX" WinLC_Shutdown.exe -auto
  • start /d "C:\Program Files\SITOP" Shutdown.exe
  • %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 7 -c "Shutdown by SITOP UPS Module"

The first entry ensures that the WinCC flexible Runtime is shut down properly and that any settings and (internal) variable contents can be saved.
The second entry ensures that the WinAC RTX is shut down properly. The "-auto" switch recognizes the WinAC automatically. In order to run the "WinLC_Shutdown.exe" file correctly you must assign Admin rights to the file.
The third item ensures that the SITOP DC UPS automatically shuts down when the Windows shutdown has been completed.
As from version V3.x.2.14 the "Shutdown.exe" program is installed automatically in the SITOP directory with the SITOP software.
When Windows shuts down (last command of the batch file) you must make sure that with the -t 7 parameter a delay time elapses to ensure that the Remote command is sent to the UPS even if the system is heavily loaded. When configuring the SITOP DC UPS software you must make sure that the option "Shutdown PC after" is not checked (Fig. 01), because the shutdown is executed by the batch file.
If you have installed WinAC RTX in another directory, you have to change the path accordingly.

3 Save the file with the ending "*.bat" on a path specified with no spaces, for example "Programs\SITOP\SITOP_DC_UPS_Software\Backup_mode.bat".

Pay attention to the Windows permission settings. Ensure access to the batch file by storing it in a user-independent directory (for example, "Programs" or Root directory).

4 Open the monitoring software of the SITOP DC UPS.
5 Click the "Configuration" button.
  • In the "Backup mode" tab, specify the path of the batch file created (step 3).
  • Enter a time after which the batch file (application) is to be started after the SITOP DC UPS changes to buffer mode.

Fig. 01

7 Save the changes.
8 The DIP switches on the SITOP DC UPS must also be set to INTERR. (interrupt) = ON in addition to the buffer time setting. The output voltage is interrupted for approx. 5 seconds after the the buffer time set expires, even if the input voltage returns in the meantime. This ensures that the SIMATIC IPC is restarted.

Fig. 02

Table 01

An executable batch file contains commands or program calls that are executed when the file is called.

Procedure (if you do not have administrative rights on the PC)
If you do not have administrative rights on the PC and therefore cannot run any batch files, there is an option of configuring the shutdown process in Windows 7 or WES7. Proceed as follows to ensure data retention.

No. Procedure
1 Click the Start button in Windows, enter "gpedit.msc" and start the program.
2 Navigate to "Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)" and click the "Shutdown" button.

Fig. 03

3 Here you enter the following commands:
  • C:\Program Files\SIEMENS\SIMATIC WinCC flexible\WinCC flexible 2008 Runtime\HmiRtmShutdown.exe
  • C:\Program Files\SIEMENS\WINAC\WinLCRTX\WinLC_Shutdown.exe Script Parameters: -auto
  • C:\Program Files\SITOP\Shutdown.exe
  • ...\sleep.exe Script Parameters: 7

Fig. 04

With the "sleep.exe" file you can put the PC into a wait state for a defined time. Download the file from the internet (for example, at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17657).

4 Close the dialog.
5 To ensure that WinCC Runtime is closed automatically at shutdown you must also set the following entry in the registry.
6 Click the Start button in Windows, enter "regedit.exe" and start the program.
7 Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER - Control Panel - Desktop".
8 Edit the "AutoEndTasks" entry and set "1" as "Value data".

Fig. 05

With this setting all programs are closed without prompt at shutdown.

9 Close the dialog.
10 Restart the PC to enable all the registry settings.
11 When setting the SITOP DC UPS configuration, do not parameterize any application to start at shutdown.
Table 02

You apply the procedure described at your own risk and must decide yourself whether or not other programs on the PC might be affected negatively by this shutdown routine.

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