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Wizard for creating connection data for Modbus TCP communication. (Modbus TCP Wizard )

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All new SIMATIC S7-CPUs contain an integrated PROFINET interface which in addition to PROFINET also enables Modbus TCP communication. The configuration of the Modbus TCP communication via this integrated Ethernet interface is possible using additionally ordered blocks for Modbus TCP communication.

For easy configuration of this Modbus TCP communication (TCP native) we offer you here the Modbus TCP Wizard as a free download. For Modbus TCP communication via the PROFINET interface of the S7-CPUs, the communication blocks FB65 "TCON", FB66 "TDISCON", FB63 "TSEND" and FB64 "TRCV" are used. For the Modbus TCP communication the parameters for each connection have to be specified in a data block. Using the Modbus TCP Wizard tool enables simple and clear specification of the connection parameters. Only the parameters necessary for the respective connection type have to be specified via the Modbus TCP Wizard. The tool then exports a DB with all parameters of the connection description into your STEP 7 project. Existing connections can be read, altered, copied and documented.

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Generating parameters for the Modbus TCP Communication using the Modbus TCP Wizard.
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Tool "Modbus TCP Wizard".
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More information for open communication via Modbus TCP http://www.siemens.com/s7modbus

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