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Types of couplings and their typical features

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What are the most common types of couplings and what typical characteristics do they have?





Tooth coupling



·       Double-jointed tooth coupling for compensating angular displacement, parallel and axial misalignment

·       Low restoring force in the case of shaft misalignment

·       Long-term lubrication

·       Small dimensions

·       Can be used with high impact loads

·       Can be used for both directions of rotation






Tooth coupling



Multiple-disc coupling



·       Zero backlash, torsionally rigid solid steel coupling

·       Compensation of radial, angular and axial shaft misalignments with two flexible disc packages

·       Stainless steel disc packages are not subject to wear

·       Simple installation

·       High temperature range of up to 280 °C




Multiple-disc coupling






Elastic pin coupling



·       Elastic, buckle-proof, universal coupling for the highest torques with good repositioning option

·       Compact and lightweight design, low moments of inertia

·       Suitable for plug-in assembly




Elastic pin coupling






Flexible claw coupling



·       Flexible, buckle-proof universal coupling

·       Extremely compact design, high power density

·       Ideally suited for plug-in assembly

    Flexible claw coupling




Hydraulic coupling



·       Smooth and jolt-free start-up and acceleration of large masses for non-loaded motor start-up

·       Torque limitation during start-up and in the event of an overload

·       Outstanding vibration isolation and shock absorption

·       Non-wearing torque transmission




Hydraulic coupling


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