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Micro Automation: Wireless Tracking with GPS based on GPRS - MAS 41

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Note The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out. ...

The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out.
This application can be realized as easily and quickly with the new SIMATIC S7-1200.

Furthermore, many useful applications with SIMATIC S7-1200 are available here: 35923253

Automation task
Control of a mobile concrete mixing pump (remote station) shall now be supplemented by a position detection which enables buffering the determined coordinates locally and to make them accessible to a central station via GPRS communication.
A service station connected with the central station via the INTERNET shall have access to these tracking data and display the current position in form of a map.
The coordinates (longitude and altitude) of the concrete mixing pump shall be determined using a GPS receiver.
For the local operation of the concrete mixing pump a text display shall be used which can also represent instructions of the control center.

Picture 01: Automation task

Automation solution
The automation solution uses the SINAUT Micro SC remote control system with the GPRS modem MD720-3 to visualize process data from the Remote Station via the Central Station.
On Central Station the web server "miniWeb", integrated in WinCC flexible, enables the access from a Service Station using the INTERNET. The web server provides a HTML-page, where the position of Remote Station is displayed on a map from "Google Maps". Other process values can be watched and operated.

Picture 02: Automation solution

Remote Station „concrete mixing pump“
Via a GPS receiver the S7-200 CPU 224XP receives the current position of the concrete mixing pump. The CPU controls and monitors the process values of the concrete mixing pump on demand. The TD 400C text display enables representing the process values and operating the concrete mixer value. Using a 256 KByte memory module the position data are buffered non-volatile. Transmission of the current position or the buffered positions and all process data to the central station occurs using the GPRS modem MD720‑3.

Central Station
The SINAUT MICRO SC is used as a platform for data exchange with the remote station. The internet connection enables receiving the process data from, or send them to the remote station in the course of a GSM/GPRS communication. Parallel to the communication platform SINAUT MICRO SC makes the received process data available as OPC server of a visualization. The visualization in form of WinCC flexible RT enables the access to the process value as OPC client. In this set WinCC flexible works as web server and makes these process values available to web applications.

Service Station
The Microsoft Internet Explorer shall make the process data of the data of all remote stations available in the central station representable and changeable via a HTML page. The MWSL-Script embedded in these HTML pages realizes the access to the WinCC flexible variables. The current position consisting of longitude and altitude is displayed in a map via a Java applet in Google Maps.

Picture 03: Service station

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. The software examples support you during the first steps and tests with your Micro Automation Sets. They enable quick testing of the hardware and software interfaces between the products described in the Micro Automation Sets.

To operate a SIMATIC S7-200 with a MODEM MD720 along with the Telecontrol Server Basic, revised/new block libraries are available under the following link 99522310.


Contents of Downloads


Micro Application Example Set41_TechDoc_V1d2_en.pdf ( 2097 KB )
SINAUT MICRO SC flex - Systemhandbuch Set41_DocLibrary_V1d2_en.pdf ( 725 KB )
Startup Code (SINAUT MICRO SC Konfiguration (*.xml-Datei)) MAS41_m2mopc.zip ( 280 bytes )
Startup Code für Remote Station "Betonmixer" (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Projekte) MAS41_S7-200_V2d2_en.zip ( 79 KB )
Startup Code (WinCC flexible Projekt, *.hmi, *.fwx) MAS41_WinCC_Flex_V1d0_en.zip ( 15023 KB )
Startup Code (WinCC flexible Webcontent/HTML-Seiten) MAS41_Webcontent_V1d0_en.zip ( 504 KB )
Startup Code (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Bibliothek) MAS41_S7-200_Library_v1d2.zip ( 44 KB )
Movie MAS41_Movie.zip ( 25373 KB )


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