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Service Pack 4 for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0

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Service Pack 4 (SP4) for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0 has been released for delivery. It will be included on the DVD of STEP 7 V5.4 SP4, as well as on the STEP 7 Professional 2006 SR5 DVD. It is also available for free downloading via the Internet.

The SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On software package enables STEP 7 users to create PROFINET components without having to install SIMATIC iMap.

What’s NEW in Service Pack 4?

SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0 SP4 provides the following new features:

·         Improved PROFINET CBA consistency check with display of the results in a separate window. Context aids are available for the error messages or warnings.

·         Composed data types which can include additional composed data types, e.g. multidimensional arrays and structures of arrays and structures, are supported for devices with PROFINET runtime version V2.3 and higher. This functionality can only be used in conjunction with SIMATIC iMap V3.0 SP1.

  • Version numbers for functions can be specified when creating the PROFINET interface and will be displayed in SIMATIC iMap in the features of the PROFINET component.

How can the Service Pack be obtained?

The following options exist to obtain the Service Pack:

  • Download
    As usual, we are offering a free download.
  • Service Pack 4 for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0 included on the installation CD of STEP 7 V5.4 SP4
    The SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On version V3.0 SP4 is included on the installation CD 2 of STEP 7 version V5.4 SP4. This means that all customers with a Software Update Service agreement for STEP 7 will get the SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On automatically. Furthermore, the iMap STEP 7 Add-on V3.0 SP4 is also part of the download of SP4 for STEP 7 V.4.


Installation prerequisites for the Service Pack:
Installation of the SIMATIC  iMap STEP 7 Add-On necessitates STEP 7 including NCM for Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS. Please ensure that one of the following SIMATIC STEP 7 software packages is installed:

  • STEP 7 V5.3 SP3 and higher
  • STEP 7 Professional Edition 2004 SR3 and higher
  • STEP 7 V5.4 and higher
  • STEP 7 Professional Edition 2006 and higher

It is not necessary that an older version of the SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On is installed.

If STEP 7 is not installed at all, or if an older version of STEP 7 than specified above is installed, the SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On cannot be installed.


  • Please unpack the ZIP file to a temporary folder, and
  • Start the installation by calling "Setup.exe"

Service Pack 4 for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0:
 SIMATICiMap-STEP7AddOnK3.0.4.0.zip ( 116798 KB )

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