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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 32113692, Entry date: 10/27/2008

Release for general availability, Motion Control System SIMOTION Version V4.1 SP2

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Effective immediately, SIMOTION Software Version V4.1 SP2 is released for general availability.
The release involves the SIMOTION SCOUT  V4.1 SP2 Engineering System as well as the SIMOTION Runtime Software V4.1 SP2, which is included in the scope of supply of SIMOTION SCOUT.

Effective immediately, SIMOTION D410, D425, D435 and D445 Control Units with SIMOTION V4.1 SP2 are released.

The SIMOTION D CompactFlash card will be supplied, unchanged with V4.1 SP1 HF6.

Effective immediately, SIMOTION C230-2/C240 with software release V4.1 SP2 is released.
SIMOTION C230-2 and MMC cards for C240 (6AU1720-1KA00-0AA0) will be supplied unchanged with SIMOTION Kernel V4.1 SP1 HF6.

Effective immediately, SIMOTION P350 with SIMOTION V4.1 SP2 is released.
SIMOTION P350 will be supplied unchanged with SIMOTION Kernel V4.1 SP1 HF6.


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Effective immediately, SIMOTION V4.1 SP2 is released for general availability. We generally recommend it use.

As was already announced when V4.1 SP1 was released, SCOUT software will no longer be supplied on a CD as data medium. Effective immediately, the SCOUT software will only be supplied on DVD.
Users with a valid software update service contract for SCOUT will be automatically supplied with the upgrade to SCOUT V4.1 SP2 (supplied on a DVD).
Licenses for SCOUT V4.1 SP1 also remain valid for V4.1 SP2.

SCOUT V4.1 SP2 should be used when configuring SIMOTION platforms with V4.1 SP2

SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP2 will be released at a later date and a dedicated update will be published for this purpose.

Functional scope

In addition to a whole range of detailed improvements, with the new SP2 functions, it is especially the handling when commissioning and diagnostics that has been significantly optimized.

  • Simplified upgrade: Systems can be upgraded using a USB stick, ...

  • Project comparison: Differences can be quickly identified in detail and resolved.

  • Interconnection overview: Relationships in the object model can be quickly found.

  • Expanded function, download in RUN: Technology objects, motion tasks, ...
  • Task trace: Effective fault finding/troubleshooting/optimizing in the user program.

  • Diagnostics without SCOUT: Significant expansions have been made in the SIMOTION web interface.
    Additional standard web pages for IT Diag - such as variable browser, WebTrace, ...
    (regarding WebTrace, also refer to Article ID 31716712))

Additional new functions

  • New ST Editor with a higher performance
  • The current PROFINET Standard according to Version 2.2 is supported
    Details can be found under Article ID 31911773.
  • Path interpolation - motion sequence at the path object (Conveyor Tracking):
    This functionality has not been generally released. Use as pilot project/field testing is possible on request.
  • SINAMICS Safety Integrated is now also available for SIMOTION D410

For more detailed information about the new functions, please refer to the attached files

SIMOTION_V412-76.pdf ( 1087 KB )


Simotion_New_Functions_V412.pdf ( 4615 KB )


SIMOTION SCOUT Version 4.1 SP2 is compatible to Versions V4.0, V3.2, V3.1 and V3.0.

Projects, that were generated with older versions, can

  • also be processed/edited with version 4.1 SP2. When required, project data can be subsequently saved in the V4.0, V3.2, V3.1 or V3.0 format.
  • Can be upgraded to the new version (e.g. if the existing project is to be expanded by functions provided in Version 4.1 SP2). The description for this is provided in the readme file or in the Manual.

The current SIMOTION compatibility list showing which software and hardware can be combined is available through Article ID 18857317.

Components that have been released

Order Nos.



6AU1 810-1BA41-2XA0

SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT V4.1 SP2 DVD

V4.1 SP2    

6AU1 810-1BA41-2XE0 SIMOTION Engineering System SCOUT V4.1 SP2
Upgrade DVD
V4.1 SP2    
6AU1 810-1HA20-2XA0 DCC SINAMICS V2.0 SP2 DVD V2.0 SP2 
6AU1 810-1JA20-2XA0 DCC SIMOTION V2.0 SP2 DVD V2.0 SP2 

Orders entered for older SCOUT Versions will be automatically substituted for this new software release. If customers request that they keep older SCOUT versions, then these can be ordered as spare part.

The SIMOTION hardware will be shipped, unchanged with V4.1 SP1 HF6 - and when required, can be upgraded.

Firmware V4.1 SP2 is included in the scope of supply of SIMOTION SCOUT.

For SIMOTION D, the firmware can be downloaded from Product Support, refer to Article ID 31045047.
The version of the SIMOTION D Firmware V4.1 SP2 includes all functional restrictions of the SINAMICS release V2.5 SP1 HF10 that have been resolved.

SIMOTION update contracts

SCOUT V4.1 SP2 will be supplied in SIMOTION update contracts.

Customers that have not entered into an update service contract can order the current software release using the previously specified Order Nos.

The current floating license V4.1 is still valid. This means that it is sufficient to order just one upgrade in order to upgrade several computers to release V4.1 SP2.

For more detailed information, please contact your responsible Siemens office.


To use DCC, the corresponding product DCC SINAMICS or DCC SIMOTION must be ordered with license. DCC SIMOTION includes the license for DCC SIMOTION and DCC SINAMICS.
Licenses already supplied for V2.0 will remain valid for V2.0 SP2. The DCC libraries (DCB) will be automatically installed, and optionally, also the DCC Editor (CFC) with the setup for SCOUT V4.1 SP2. It is not necessary to separately install the DCC-DVD that can be ordered.


CamTool V2.2 is included as software - without license - when SCOUT V4.1 SP2 is supplied. For CamTool V2.2 the authorization has been changed over from Single License to Floating License. As a result of this changeover, CamTool now has the possibility of saving the License keys on a network drive and the validation using a trial license. When installing CamTool V2.2 for permanent use, a new license is required. Existing licenses V2.1 can be upgraded to V2.2 by ordering an upgrade.
If the possibilities offered with the new license key are not required, the installation of CamTool V2.1 SP1 can be kept. SCOUT V4.1 SP2 still operates with CamTool V2.1 SP1.

Security information
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