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S7-PCT V3.5 SP2 for IO-Link Master

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The Port Configuration Tool ("PCT") is a PC-based software for parameterizing Siemens IO-Link master modules and third-party IO-Link devices.

The IO-Link devices are integrated using the standardized device description "IODD" which can be obtained from the relevant device manufacturer. S7-PCT supports both IODD versions 1.0 and V1.1.
All IO-Link devices available at Siemens are already included in the hardware selection catalog of S7-PCT.
S7-PCT is called up via the IO-Link master hardware configuration of STEP 7, but it can also be started in "standalone" mode if the IO-Link master is not operated on a SIMATIC controller or if no STEP 7 is used.
You can find additional information on the IO-LINK on the Internet at:



New functions in PCT version V3.5 SP2:

The following new functions have been added compared to the previous version 3.5 SP1:

  • Support for IO-Link Master ET 200eco PN CM8xIO-Link, M12-L
  • Check for software updates / automatic updates

Supported IO-Link masters:
The following IO-Link masters can be configured with S7-PCT V3.5 SP2:

Product familyDesignation IO-Link
Including firmware
Article numberManual
SIMATIC S7-1500 /ET 200MP CM8xIO-Link V1.1 V1.06ES7 547-1JF00-0AB0 109763143 
SIMATIC S7-1200SM1278 4xIO-Link Master Modules  V1.1V2.0


ET 200SPCM 4xIO-Link  V1.1V2.2


ET 200S4SI IO-Link V1.0V1.06ES7138-4GA50-0AB0 29825814
ET 200S4SI SIRIUS V1.0V1.03RK1005-0LB00-0AA0 37856470
ET 200eco PN


4IO-L + 8DI + 4DO DC 24V/1.3A 8 X M12

  V1.0V7.06ES7148-6JA00-0AB0 29999018
ET  200eco PN


ET 200eco PNCM 8xIO-Link, M12-L V1.1 V1.06ES7 148-6JG00-0BB0 109781416 
ET 200ALCM 4X IO-LINK  V1.1V1.16ES7147-5JD00-0BA0 89254868
ET 200pro4 IO-LINK HIGH FEATURE V1.1V1.16ES7147-4JD00-0AB0109738534 

Installation requirements:
S7-PCT V3.5 is a 32-bit application which has been released for use with the following operating systems:
MS Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise and Home Premium
MS Windows 10, 64-bit Home, Professional and Enterprise

• MS Windows Server 2012 R2 StdE 64-bit
• MS Windows Server 2016 64-bit
• MS Windows Server 2019 64-bit 

There is no guarantee that S7-PCT V3.5 SP2 will run on other operating systems. The user does so at his own risk.

Before downloading the S7-PCT setup, read the "Readme.rtf"
 Registrierung notwendig  S7-PCT_V3.5_SP2_Readme.zip (211.1 KB)

S7 PCT V3.5 SP2 Setup
 Registrierung notwendig  S7-PCT_V3.5_SP2.zip (392.7 MB)

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