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How do you install WinCC V7.0 on a MUI operating system if the language set in Windows is not English?

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You receive the message described below only if "English" is not used as installation language with MUI. The FAQ describes this taking the example of "Deutsch" (German) as the installation language (which is why the figures are in German).

You install WinCC V7.0 on an MUI operating system and use "Deutsch" as the installation language. The installation is made, but is aborted just before completion, because the hotfix "Windows XP SP2 KB319740" cannot be installed.

Fig. 01

This message is issued because during installation of WinCC V7.0 an attempt is made to install the hotfix for German. However, the MUI operating system is based on English, so the hotfix for Windows must also be installed in the English version.

The following options are open for installing WinCC V7.0 without errors.

  • You install WinCC V7.0 using the English language interface.
  • You install the English hotfix "Windows XP SP2 KB319740" before the installation and then you can use the German language interface for installing WinCC V7.0.

Manual installation of the hotfix "Windows XP SP2 KB319740"
Follow the instructions below to install the hotfix beforehand.

No. Procedure
1 Open the CD-ROM contents
Open the WinCC V7.0 Installation CD-ROM by right-clicking on your drive. Now select the "Open" option.

Fig. 02

Open path for hotfix
Open the path in which the hotfix is located.
The path is: WinCC V7.0 > InstData > KB 319740 > english

Fig. 03

3 Install the hotfix 
Double-click the file "WindowsXP-KB319740-v5-x86-ENU.exe" to start installation of the hotfix.

Fig. 04

Now follow the instructions until installation of the hotfix is completed.

Then you have the hotfix "Windows XP SP2 KB319740" installed and can start with the installation of WinCC V7.0. Now that the hotfix has been installed manually, you can now also use the German language interface for the installation.

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