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Which settings should you check if OS loading fails with PCS 7 or the OS project cannot be activated?

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This entry shows you how to make the settings to ensure loading of the OS and activation of the OS project.
Detailed instructions about different configurations are available in Entry ID 24023824.

1. Check or redo the DCOM/Firewall settings
In the Start menu of Windows you find the entry: "Start > SIMATIC > Security Controller".
Run the program on the ES and the OS concerned.

Security Controller is to be run only when WinCC / OS Runtime has terminated. You terminate the WinCC / OS Runtime in the WinCC Explorer.

More information about the DCOM settings is available in the manual: "SIMATIC Process control system PCS 7 - PC Configuration",
Entry ID: 109794377 

  • Start the program for making the required Windows settings with the "Settings" link. The dialog that opens presents you with a list of all the settings that the "Security Controller" program makes.
  • Click "Apply" to apply the settings.
2. Check the network connection
Make sure that the target station can be reached via the network.
More information about managing networks and network services is available in the manual
"PCS 7 Compendium Part F - Industrial Security
" in Entry ID: 109782722.
More information about configuring a network is available in Entry ID: 868014.

  • If the "Ping" command to the IP address of the target station is not successful:
    Check the network configuration on the ES and the OS. The network must be configured so that both computers are either in the same subnetwork or can be accessed via a router.
    If the local Windows firewall is enabled, it might be necessary to establish a firewall rule for this function.
  • If the "ping" command to the computer name of the target station is not successful:
    Check the configuration of DNS, WINS or NetBIOS in the advanced TCP/IP settings.
    Alternatively you should add the computer name and IP addresses of all the PCS 7 systems connected to the network to the "Hosts"(DNS) and "LmHosts"(WINS) files. #PRE is to be added to the entries in the LMHosts file.
    The "Hosts" and "LmHosts" files are in the directory: "..\Windows\System32\drivers\etc".
3. Check user permissions and releases

In current versions of PCS 7 (since the use of Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2) "User" permissions for operating PCS 7 are sufficient (membership of the "Users" group). 
In older versions you need "Power user" rights (membership of "Power users" group).
The user requires administrator rights for setting up the permissions concept and group membership.

OS download
Make sure that a network release is set on the target station for the project folderand the Windows group "SIMATIC HMI" has full access both to the release and to the folder.The user used for the downloading must be set up with the same password on all the participating systems and member of the "SIMATIC HMI" group.

Activate the OS project
Make sure that the user logged on is in the following Windows groups:
  • Standard user rights
  • Up to PCS 7 V7.1 SP2: SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$<Computer_name>$WINCC

Make sure that the "SIMATIC HMI" Windows group (and therefore the user logged-on user) has the "Full Control" permission for the project folder.
You can have the effective permissions of individual users displayed as follows:
  • Display the properties of the release.
  • Switch to the "Security" tab and click the "Advanced" button.
  • In the "Advanced Security Settings" dialog you select the "Effective Permissions" tab.
  • Click the "Select..." button and select the required user.

    Fig. 1

    In the "Permissions" tab you can assign "Full Control" permission to the user concerned.

4. Check the OS terminal bus
To configure
the terminal bus of an OS, please follow the instructions given in Entry ID: 25437381
Detailed information about "SIMATIC Shell" is available in the WinCC Information System under: "Configurations > Distributed Systems > Remote Configuration".

5.Check the SQL Server WinCC Instance
To check operation of the WinCC instance of the SQL server, start the Computer Management via "Control Panel > Management > Computer Management". In the tree view you go to "Services and Applications". Check that the following instances have the "Running" status:

  • SQL Server Integration Services (not available with every SQL installation, optional)
  • SQL Server (WinCC)
  • SQL Server Browser
"SQL Server Agent (WinCC)" is not needed for normal operation of WinCC, but it can be started manually if necessary.

Fig. 2

Creation Environment
The instructions and screens in this FAQ were created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1. The display of the functions shown might differ in more recent versions, but the functions remain the same.

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