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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 33124027, Entry date: 12/11/2008

SIMAG H2 - announcement that the product is to be cancelled

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Announcement that the SIMAG H2 product is to be cancelled.

The SIMAG H2 hollow shaft measuring system for use with 1FE1 synchronous motors and as autonomous spindle measuring system has been supplied since January 2005. Effective 01.11.2008, the declaration was made that the complete product range would be phased out. The cancellation is scheduled for 01.11.2009.

As a result of various types of production problems, in the past years, intensive quality assurance measures have been increasingly implemented in the production process. These measures ensured a high degree of availability of the devices in the field. However, the introduction of these measures lead to individual cases of delivery bottlenecks.

As a result of the additional measures, the price of the components that we used in the SIMAG H2 increased enormously. Both the measuring wheels as well as the scanning head are involved. In the tough market for hollow-shaft encoders - with a high degree of competition - we no longer see the possibility, in the future, of being able to offer these hollow-shaft encoders at prices in-line with market requirements.

This is reason that we have decided to discontinue the SIMAG H2 hollow-shaft encoder as it is not cost-effective for us. Effective 01.11.2008, the encoder was declared to be a product that would be phased out. It is scheduled that the product will be cancelled effective 01.11.2009. From this time onwards, the components will only be available in very low quantities as spare parts.

Measuring systems available in the marketplace from various manufacturers can be used as alternative. These include for example

These involve third-party products where we know that they are suitable as alternative. However, products with the same quality and features from other manufacturers can be used. However, our recommendations are only intended as support and not as a specification. The user must check and ensure the necessary compatibility to the particular applications. We do not accept any responsibility for the features and properties of third-party products. For technical information or order enquiries, please directly contact the specified manufacturers cancellation.

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