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With LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.0, how can you communicate in a Macintosh operating system with LOGO! basic modules by means of the LOGO! USB PC cable?

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If you are using the Apple Macintosh operating system Mac-OSX and LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.0 cannot communicate with your LOGO! basic module by means of the LOGO! USB PC cable, then check whether the /var/lock folder is in your file system. If not, create this folder and make sure that you have complete access rights for it. If, beforehand, you have used a previous version of the RXRXComm package, then you might have to delete any remaining lock files in the previous folder /var/spool/uucp. Check these folders before running the setup application.


  • In Mac-OSX, you reach the /var folder using the finder menu bar "Go to" -> "Go to folder ...". Under "Open the following folder:" you enter "var" and click on "Open".
    If problems arise with access rights, you can set them by way of the finder menu item "Information" ("Apple" key + "I").
  • The current LOGO! Soft Comfort USB PC cable driver for Windows, Linux and Macintosh is available at the following internet site:"LOGO! Demo software, Upgrades/Updates, Drivers".


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