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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 33400780, Entry date: 12/22/2008

Compatibility of WinAC RTX on PCs with Single-Core Microprocessors

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To be able to operate WinAC RTX 2005 or 2008 on Single-Core microprocessors without Hyperthreading or with Hyperthreading switched off, you require a "ACPI Uniprocessor" HAL to be able to completely install WinAC RTX.


If you wish to install WinAC RTX on a Single-Core microprocessor with installed Multiprocessor HAL and running without Hyperthreading or with Hyperthreading switched off , WinAC RTX will abort installation with the error message "Unable to install RTX ... Runtime on this system ...". In this case you must first install a suitable "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" HAL before you can install WinAC RTX.


An FAQ is available for the current SIMATIC PCs

  • SIMATIC Panel PC:

under "Why does the installation of WinAC RTX 2005 (SP1) RTX 6.5.1 abort?" with hints on how to correct the problem:


The description provided here for WinAC RTX 2005 is correspondingly valid for WinAC RTX 2008 with Ardence RTX V8.1.

For other PCs please proceed as follows:

  • Please check whether the "ACPI Uniprocessor" HAL is available on your PC. You will find the installed HAL type in the Windows Device Manager under "Computer".
  • Contact your PC manufacturer whether he can supply a matching ACPI Uniprocessor HAL or whether it is available on this system.
  • Install the Uniprocessor HAL according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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