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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 34058968, Entry date: 01/28/2009

SIMOTION SCOUT and SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP2 HF4

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Dowload of Hotfix 4 for SIMOTION SCOUT and SCOUT Stand-alone V4.1 SP2

Attached please find the Hotfix 4 for the Engineering System SIMOTION SCOUT V4.1 SP2.
The SCOUT V4.1 SP2 HF4 Hotfix can also be used for SCOUT Stand-alone.
Before you can perform the installation, you have to install SCOUT or SCOUT Stand-alone Version V4.1 SP2.

The packed SCOUT V4_1 SP2 HF4 ADD ON.zip file comprises the following components:

  • Delta setup SCOUT V4.1 SP2 HF4 for SIMOTION SCOUT V4.1 SP2
  • Firmware Support Package (FWSP) V4.1 SP2 HF3 for upgrading via System Update Tool
  • The corresponding Kernel/Firmware V4.1 SP2 HF3 for
    • SIMOTION C230-2
    • SIMOTION C240 / C240 PN
    • SIMOTION D4xx incl. D445-1
    • SIMOTION P350 as setup

The System Update Tool can be used to upgrade the SIMOTION firmware from V4.1 SP2 to V4.1 SP2 HF3. The Firmware Support Package V4.1 SP2 HF3 for SCOUT V4.1 SP2 is required for this. Please carefully read the separate Readme file for the Firmware Support Package.

More detailed information regarding SIMOTION V4.1 SP2 HF3/4 is provided in the delivery release under article ID 34057368
The Readme file contains further important notes on istallation and use.

    Readme.pdf ( 36 KB )

    SCOUT_V4_1_SP2_HF4_ADD_ON.zip ( 900837 KB )

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