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Technical Product Data for CAx Applications - Industrial Automation System - Edition 2008 Released for Delivery

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The Technical Product Data for CAx Applications - Industrial Automation System - Edition 2008 is now available for delivery. The product data of the various product families have been updated and supplemented with new modules. More information is available from the attached list.

Technical Product Data for CAx-Applications

Gathering and keying in data for each new project - these are always recurring steps during planning and configuration. The above technical product data DVD provides you with all the technical and commercial product data for SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, C7 and the ET 200 distributed I/O system for easy use. The data can easily be transferred to the component parts library of your CAD /CAE system, thus ensuring data consistency for the quotation phase, design, configuration and later on for erection and maintenance.

The "Technical Product Data for CAx-Applications - Industrial Automation System" DVD comprises the technical product data of approx. 1 400 products from the following product families:

  • S7-300 / S7-400
  • C7
  • Bus components
  • ET 200 M / S / iS / iSP / X / eco / ecoPN / pro / L
  • Communication / networks

Data contents

Technical data acc. to ECAD component standard V1.2 for the quotation phase, or as material master data for E-CAD systems.

·         The large number of products results in a huge amount of detailed information, such as order no., device dimensions, terminal connections, etc.. To be able to provide users of CAx systems with all the technical data required in a CAx system, the leading vendors of CAx systems have agreed on the definition of a uniform and multi-vendor interface for the exchange of component information - the ECAD component standard V1.2.

Data types

  • ECAD component standard V1.2 (supplemented by private attributes) and
  • a freely configurable ASCII interface

Graphical data for the creation of documentation and integration into the design process (e.g.: switchboard design). The graphical data are provided in the international measurement system (mm).

Fig: Graphical_Data.jpg ( 78 KB )  

Data types

  • DXF and
  • DWG

Description of the device connections as window macros / macros, or circuit diagram projects for the creation of circuit diagrams. The descriptions of the device connections were produced in cooperation with the EPLAN company and are available in the following formats.

Fig: Macro.jpg ( 60 KB )

Data types

  • EPLAN electric P8 for version 1.9 International Service Pack 1
  • DXF

Please note: This edition for the first time comprises circuit diagram macros for EPLAN electric P8. There will be no more deliveries of EPLAN5  circuit diagram macros.


The electronic user manuals for this software can be opened and printed out with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (V3.01 and higher).

Hardware and software prerequisites

  • PC with Pentium III 500 MHz or better, Windows 2000 / XP
  • At least 32 MB RAM
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • VGA Graphics card: resolution 800 x 600 (or higher) with more than 256 colors
  • Internet Explorer version 4.01 SP2 or higher to be able to use the online help system

Product data contained on the DVD

CAx_Product environment_2008.xls ( 670 KB )  

Ordering information


Order No.

Technical Product Data for CAx Applications - Industrial Automation Systems, Edition 2008, Single License


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