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Articulated shaft (cardan shaft)

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What is an articulated shaft (cardan shaft)?







Articulated shafts transfer torques between shafts which are not aligned with each other. Articulated shafts are limited in terms of speed, as the movement of the intermediate shafts is never uniform (smooth running, bending vibrations). Torque components are generated in the joints as a result of changes in the direction of the torque. This places stress on the motor shaft in terms of alternate bending and produces bearing loads.






Telescopic length compensation often uses plastic coating in order to keep the coefficient of friction for the gear teeth low and to avoid the need for maintenance. In the case of a universal joint shaft with no length compensation, the joints are connected and balanced via a welded steel pipe.





Articulated shaft:

a) With length compensation

b) Without length compensation in pipe version c) Construction details


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