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SINAMICS G: Information on the standby current of the SINAMICS G120

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In many applications, it is necessary to supply several frequency inverters from one infeed unit. The disadvantage of this type of power supply is the fact that the load as well as the no-load (standby) currents are summed - and both the infeed and power supply cables must be appropriately dimensioned.
An electric monorail (EMS) is a typical example of such a drive configuration. In the automobile industry, the EMS is an indispensable transport medium to ensure both flexible and rational material flow.

The behavior of the PM250 / PM250D Power Modules regarding the power and current drawn from the line supply is explained in the description. Using examples, it is shown how the current (apparent current) that the frequency inverter draws from the line supply can be calculated; for instance, when selecting the correct cross-section of power supply cables.


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