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What can you do to avoid the message "Invalid file position" (1739:10) when saving your project with "Save as ..." and the option "Reorganization (slow)"?

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When using Save as... with the option Reorganization (slow) or you copy/paste a SIMATIC station in the SIMATIC Manager, you might get the error message "Invalid file position".

Fig. 01

When should you expect this behavior?
This behavior can occur in a project that you have created or processed with PCS 7 as from V7.0 SP1 and F Systems V6.0. It might happen that the "Invalid file position" is output with the following actions:

  • If the project is stored in the SIMATIC Manager using Save As with Reorganization (slow).
  • If the complete SIMATIC station is copied and pasted in the SIMATIC Manager.

How can you avoid this behavior?
There are three ways of avoiding this behavior.

  1. Implement F Systems V6.1.


  1. Run the actions concerned on an Engineering Station on which F Systems V6.0 is not installed (the F Configuration Pack must be installed).


  1. When implementing PCS 7 V7.0 SPx (and using F Systems V6.0), run the attached file "S7F-Wrp.EXE" once on the Engineering Station concerned. Now, the actions concerned can be completed successfully after restarting the SIMATIC Manager.

S7F-Wrp.zip ( 39 KB )

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