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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 34520729, Entry date: 01/20/2010

Automatic Identification with SIMATIC RF620R and SIMATIC MV440/MV420 Code Reader

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On a production line in the automotive industry, an industrial robot is to mount camshafts into cylinder heads. For quality assurance, a cylinder head coding is to be compared with a camshaft coding. The code of the cylinder head is stored in a rewritable RFID tag, whereas a dot matrix code that is captured optically is printed on the camshaft.

What makes this solution special is that it is largely independent of the used code detection. The FB45 standard block is used for both RFID and optical code recognition.


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Documentation 34520729_AUTO_ID_DOKU_V12_en.pdf ( 2547 KB )
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03/2009 V1.0
First edition
12/2009 V1.1
Remove the use of markers, seperation ot ASM reset to FB20 and product number compare to FB21, update documentation
01/2010 V1.2
Expanded documentation with MV420
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