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Why does the read/write device not recognize the Moby D transponder?

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When parameterizing the standard blocks, the parameter for the type of transponder is often forgotten. There are ISO and I-code transponders. You must configure the parameter field_ON_time in the standard block FC45/FB45 according to the type of transponder. Otherwise the read/write device does not recognize the transponder and cannot process it.

Fig. 01

More information on parameterizing the transponder is available in the following manuals:

Manual Entry ID
MOBY D 13628689
SIMATIC Ident RFID Systems FB 45 for MOBY U, MOBY D, RF200, RF300 Function Manual 21738808
Table 01

Firmware version V3.0
In firmware version V3.0 onwards, for some devices there are more values available for the field_ON_time parameter:

Value Order number
02 / 03 6GT2602-0AA00 SLG D10S ANT D5
02 / 04 6GT2602-0AB00 SLG D12S
02 / 04 6GT2602-0AB10-0AX0 SLG D12S WITH 8-PIN CONNECTOR M12
02 / 04 6GT2602-0AC00 SLG D11S ANT D5
Table 02

These values have the following meanings:

  • Value 02 -> Recognize/Edit both transponder types: I-code and ISO transponder
  • Value 03 -> Optimized processing of the Infineon chip
  • Value 04 -> Optimized processing of the Fujitsu(FRAM) chip