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Why does the Windows application load increase to 100% after installing WinAC RTX 2008/2009?

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The Windows application load increases to 100 % after installing WinAC RTX 2008/2009. The basic reason for this is the following:

Windows reduces the processor's clock pulse rate if the running processors demand little CPU load ("throttling"). Since WinLC RTX runs in the so-called driver mode, the WinLC of Windows is not taken into account. Windows would therefore throttle the processor.

This is critical for automation applications, because in this case the system runs slower and the real-time capability is no longer ensured.

In order to avoid throttling generally, by default WinLC RTX starts its own WinLC Idle Task (this simulates a full load for Windows). This WinLC Idle Task runs at minimum priority so that it can be suppressed by any other Windows application. This means that there is no loss of performance for other Windows applications.

Proceed as follows if you wish to switch off this WinLC Idle Task.

You should only do this if it is sure that throttling is not being executed.


No. Procedure:
1 In the Customize menu of the WinLC RTX panel you select "CPU > Options > Customize".

Fig. 1

2 Switch to the "Energy saving function" tab.
3 Remove the check mark for "Intel "Speed Step"…".
4 Then restart WinLC RTX.

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