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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 34988390, Entry date: 03/11/2009

Delivery release: Fuse Switch Disconnectors SENTRON 3NP1, Including Electronic Fuse Monitoring

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Efficient, safe and flexibly applicable --> the market's only fuse switch disconnector with integrated line monitoring function and fuse monitoring.

Date for the Release for Delivery : 2009-02-16

Product description:

Product feature:
Consistent availability of box terminals
Customer benefits:
Direct connection of stripped conductors resulting in considerably faster mounting/installation

Product feature:
High current carrying capacity with correspondingly reduced derating
Customer benefits:
Cost and space savings through the use of a smaller size compared to competitors, particularly advantageous with the application of semiconductor fuses

Product feature:
Convertibility of top/bottom feeder without intervention with internal circuits with simultaneous conversion of all 3 phases
Customer benefits:
Fast and safe conversion; increased personnel and system protection through prevention of maloperation (e.g. conversion of only 2 of 3 phases)

Product feature:
Snap-on mounting of LV HRC 000/00 on busbar systems
Customer benefits:
Extremely rapid mounting without additional screw fastening possible with low device weights

Product feature:
Screw fastening of LV HRC 1/2/3 on busbar systems
Customer benefits:
High safety through screw fastening with high device weights and mechanical stress

Product feature:
Auxiliary switch with 2 installation positions in the basic enclosure (LV HRC 00-3)
Customer benefits:
Depending on the installation position, the auxiliary switch can be set to simultaneous switching or leading switching with the main contacts; this allows for the operation of other switching and protection devices before the main circuits are opened or closed by the fuse switch disconnector

There are predecessor types: How is the detachment imaginary:
The current 3NP4 product range is to be replaced by the end of FY 10/11.

Differences compared with predecessor types:
The electrical data of the new product range are better than or equal to the previous product range.
The drilling patterns for mounting plate attachment are identical.
The cut-out dimensions for masking frames are different.
The device width of size LV HRC 000 is increased from 89 mm to 90 mm.
The device width of size LV HRC 00 is reduced from 108 mm to 106 mm.

Ordering data:
A limited selection of ordering data is listed on the Sentron flyer (order No.:E20001-A930-M102) and the complete overview is contained in LV1 News (Catalog News LV 1 N - SENTRON 3NP1).

With the Sentron 3NP1, the Siemens Industry Automation (IA) division developed a new product range of fuse switch disconnectors for sector-spanning application. The compact device offers improved personnel and system protection as well as a comfortable connection system.
The new Sentron range offers reliable protection against overloads and short-circuits. Sentron 3NP1 fuse switch disconnectors are available in five sizes from 160 to 630 A. The devices are variably suitable for industrial or infrastructure applications, for example in combination with semiconductor fuses for the protection of frequency converters. As opposed to the predecessor 3NP4, the entire device range features touch and encompass protection as a standard, even with rear access. At the same time, the compact design in degree of protection IP 30 saves space in the control cabinet and allows for easy detection of the inserted fuses by the user through the large inspection windows.

The following MLFBs are available for fuse monitoring:
-1GA00 (MFM)
-1GB20 (EFM10)
-1GB30 (EFM20)
-1GB50 (EFM25)




EWS SENTRON 3NP1 flyer (ENG) ( 1385 KB )


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