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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 35125986, Entry date: 03/26/2009

Update for SIMATIC PDM V6.0 to V6.0 + SP5

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Service Pack 5 (SP5) is now available for SIMATIC PDM V6.0 (see entry ID 35125626). New shipments of SIMATIC PDM V6.0 already include the SP5. At the end of this bulletin you can separately download the complete SIMATIC PDM V6.0 + SP5 software (CD1) and the current Device Library 01/2009 (CD2). This enables you to upgrade existing installations of SIMATIC PDM V6.0, V6.0 + SP1, V6.0 + SP2, V6.0 + SP3 or V6.0 + SP4 to V6.0 + SP5 free of charge. Alternatively you can also purchase the current SIMATIC PDM Demo V6.0 demonstration software with integrated SP5, order no. 6ES7 658-3GX06-0YC8, and use that to upgrade your SIMATIC PDM installations.

Download software

The download software for upgrading to SIMATIC PDM V6.0 + SP5 consists of two separate files:

  • CD 1: SIMATIC PDM V6.0 + SP5 software

              PDMV605_CD1.zip ( 264036 KB )

  • CD 2: current Device Library 01/2009

             PDMV605_CD2.zip ( 554082 KB )

Your previously purchased licenses remain valid. If you should require additional optional packages for which you have no license as yet, please order them from your SIMATIC contact at your local Siemens office.


Please note:

  • The size of the PDMV605_CD1.zip file is approx. 265 MByte.
  • The size of the PDMV605_CD2.zip file is approx. 555 MByte.
  • The time for downloading depends on the speed of your Internet connection.
  • Downloading usually takes more than 10 minutes.

More information

For more information on SIMATIC PDM V6.0 + SP5 and hints on installation please see entry ID 35125626.

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