Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 35508221, Entry date: 09/20/2010

How can you have any number of automation systems addressed one after the other by the "Change Connection" function with WinCC flexible PC Runtime or a Panel?

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This FAQ describes how to use the "Change Connection" function to address multiple controllers with just one configured connection. This FAQ covers all panels and the PC Runtime.

Please follow the instructions in the PDF file.

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Sample program:

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Runnability and test environment:
The following table lists the components that have been used to create this entry and verify the functions described.

Components Product and version designation
HMI software WinCC flexible 2008 SP1
HMI Panel PC Runtime
CPU S7 300 CPU / S7 400 CPU

Note on using direct keys
The WinCC flexible function "Change Connection" does not change the connection of direct keys.