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How do you do a "Reset to factory settings" on an MP 377 operator panel?

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MP 377 operator panels with the Image version installed for WinCC flexible 2008 (Image version V01.00.02.00_01.83 and higher) have the new parameter "Prepare for Reset" that has to be taken into account when resetting to factory settings.

Below is a description of how to execute an "Update OS" for the MP 377 operator panel with the option "Reset to factory settings".

No. Procedure
1 Requirements:
  • The operator panel is connected to a PC via a standard Ethernet cable and ProSave is installed on that PC.
  • Have the MAC address of you operator panel's Ethernet interface ready.
    The MAC address
    - is displayed in the "PROFINET" dialog in the Control Panel.
    - is displayed briefly when you switch on the operator panel.
    - can be read off the back of the panel.
2 Procedure for setting the PG/PC interface:
  1. In the "Start > Control panel" menu on the configuration PC you select the "Set PG/PC interface" command.
  2. In the "Access Point of the Application" area you select "S7ONLINE (STEP7) -> TCP/IP".
  3. In the "Interface Parameter Assignment Used:" area you select the interface connected to the operator panel.
  4. Confirm your entries.
3 Procedure for resetting to factory settings:
  1. Start the ProSave software on the PC via the Start menu.
  2. Enter the operator panel type in the "General" tab.
  3. Select "Ethernet" for the connection.
  4. Enter an IP address.
    (The PC's IP address and the IP address used for the MP 377 must be in the same subnetwork)


There might be address conflicts if you enter the incorrect IP address.

Do not use any dynamic IP configuration for "Reset to factory settings". Enter a unique IP address of the same subnetwork in which the PC is located. ProSave assigns the specified address to the operator panel for the duration of the update process.
If you have already used the operator panel with WinCC flexible or ProSave, for "Reset to factory settings" you should use the IP address already used.

  1. Switch to the "OS Update" tab.
  2. Check the "Reset to factory settings" check box. An input field is displayed for the MAC address.
    Enter the operator panel's MAC address in the input field.
  3. Under "Image path" you select the operator panel image file "*.img".
    The operator panel image files are located in the Installation folder of WinCC flexible under "WinCC flexible Images" and on the WinCC flexible Installation CD. If the operator panel image file opens successfully, information on the operator panel image version is displayed in the output area.
  4. On the PC you start "Reset to factory settings" with the "Update OS" button.
  5. In the Control Panel you open the "OP Properties" dialog and select the "Device" tab.
  6. Click the "Reboot" button. This opens a query dialog box.
  7. Click the "Prepare for Reset" button.
    The update is started.

During the update of the operating system a status displayed is shown that indicates the progress of the process.

4 Result
A message is displayed upon successful completion of the operating system update.
There is no longer any project on the operator panel.
The factory settings have been restored.

You might have to recalibrate the touch screen after restoring the factory settings.

Further Information
General information about doing OS updates and resetting to factory settings on operator panels is available in Entry ID: 19701610

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