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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 35928862, Entry date: 06/24/2009

Integration of a SINAMICS G120 (F version) in SIMATIC PCS 7

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This application has been created to provide users with an easy way to integrate a SINAMICS G120 frequency converter (failsafe version) into PCS 7 and to configure the PROFIBUS and PROFIsafe settings accordingly.
Automation task
As an example of a PROFIsafe slave, a SINAMICS G120 (Failsafe version) is to be linked to an S7-400F CPU in a failsafe way using the new F system library V1_3. 

The configuration and parameterization of the distributed I/Os is to be carried out with PCS 7 via routing functions.

Main contents
The following main topics are dealt with in this application:

  • Integration of the GSD file (device master file) and of the SINAMICS G120 (failsafe version) into PCS 7
  • Allocation of symbols and CFC engineering
  • Commissioning using the "STARTER" editor
  • Settings of the PROFIBUS and PROFIsafe parameters
  • Parameterization of the Safety Integrated function and its acknowledgements

The application example was created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.1. You can also use it with PCS 7 V6.0 or higher versions.
F-Lib V1_3 is tested and released for PCS 7 V6.0 SP3 PF.

  Integration of a SINAMICS G120 (F version) in SIMATIC PCS 7 (786,8 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  GSD file for a SINAMICS CU120S DP F V2.1 (13,9 KB)

04/2009 First release
06/2009 Links in the PDF added

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