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SIMOTION Traversing Drive

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The standard application SIMOTION Traversing Drive is providing open application standards based on the motion control system SIMOTION for winding and spooling of round- and flat-material, e.g. for wire, cable, paper or non-wovens, etc. Features: Precise positioning of traverse wound material, parameter change on the fly, plausibility check of parameters.

The standard application SIMOTION Traversing Drive was developed with the objective to design a flexible solution for known traversing use cases – whereby the essential relevant data for the traversing process can be specified via input values.

On the SIMOTION system platform, the open standard application allows to traverse the most diverse materials (e.g. textile fibers, wire, …). The application ensures that the traversing drive follows with the most precision the given traversing pattern. The traversing drive is typically operated in combination with a winder supplying the master value for the traversing process.


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