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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 36061469, Entry date: 05/06/2009

Announcement Phase out: Product Discontinuation / Cancellation 3RA71 safe load feeders

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The 3RA71 safe load feeders will be classified as discontinuation type as per 05/15/2009 and will be cancelled as per 10/01/2009.

Date for the Phase-out Announcement : 2009-05-15

With effect as per 05/15/2009, all 3RA71 combinations will be classified as discontinuation types in our databases.

All incoming orders for 3RA71 will be handled normally until the end of the current FY 08/09 (09/30/2009).

If you have to stock up on the affected devices, we recommend to do so promptly as the stocks will be successively minimized.



  1. A list of the products affected by discontinuation is attached.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel products before the cancellation date if their stocked quantities are not sufficient to last until 09/30/2009.
  3. Application of the stated devices in accordance with the ISO 13849-1 as well as the IEC IEC 61508 and 62061 standards is not possible.


Special agreements concluded for certain countries or selected customers will remain valid irrespective of the above statements.



3RA71 discontinuation types ( 9 KB )


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