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How can you transfer a WinCC flexible configuration without configuration software to an operator panel (Pack&Go)?

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With WinCC flexible as from 2008 SP1 you can use the "Pack&Go" function to create a file with which you can transfer an HMI configuration to an operator panel without any configuration software.

The "Pack&Go" file contains:

  • The compiled project
  • A program for transferring the project to the operator panel

Typical application
A configuration office creates a project for a new operator panel. The configuration engineer from the configuration office does not have direct access to the plant. Therefore, the configuration engineer sends the "Pack&Go" file per e-mail to his/her contact on site.
The contact unpacks the "Pack&Go" file on a PC that is linked to the operator panel over a network. Then he/she transfers the project from the PC to the operator panel.

Fig. 01


  • The version of the configured operator panel must match the operating system image of the operator panel. If necessary use ProSave to do an OS update.
    More information about doing an OS update is available in
    Entry ID: 19701610.
  • If the project is to be transferred via USB, you need a USB master-master cable. More information about USB transfers is available in Entry ID: 19109408
  • If the project is to be transferred over PROFIBUS, the hardware interface and driver must be installed on the transfer PC. The driver for an MPI/PROFIBUS card is also installed by ProSave, among others. You can download ProSave in Entry ID: 10347815
  • If you have Vista installed on your transfer PC and you want to transfer the project to an operator panel running the Windows CE operating system, you need administrator rights.
    It is not possible to use "Pack&Go" for transfer via Routing.

Operator panels supported

Micro Panels   OP 73micro
  TP 177 
Mobile Panel Mobile Panel 177
  Mobile Panel 277
  Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN
  Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN V2
Basic Panel

KP300 Basic


KTP400 Basic


KTP600 Basic


 KTP1000 Basic


TP1500 Basic

Panel OP 73, OP 77A, OP 77B
  OP / TP 177
  OP / TP 277
Multi Panel MP 177
  MP 277
  MP 377

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