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OP3 - Transfer mode

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How can you switch the OP3 into transfer mode?

The OP3 always has a standard English configuration integrated in the FW. When the OP3 is first initialized, it starts up with this standard configuration.

You change to transfer mode as follows:

  1. Change to "System" image
  2. Select the mode required with SHIFT+CURSOR
  3. Enter the password "100"
  4. Select the mode required and press ENTER

If a custom configuration is loaded that does not include the standard function "Change mode", you must make a general reset by pressing the key combination"ESC+ CURSOR right + CURSOR down" and then the standard English configuration is loaded.
The power on the OP must be switched off before pressing the 3-key combination. The 3-key combination must be pressed and held when the power is switched on again on the OP.

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