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What is the connection between version designations of the SIMATIC NET PC software?

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There are two version designations for the SIMATIC NET PC software.

  • Version x.y <SP> <HF>

The table below shows the connection between the version designations given above.

Edition 07/2001 V6.0
Edition 07/2001 + SP1 V6.0 SP1
Edition 07/2001 + SP2 V6.0 SP2
Edition 07/2001 + SP3 V6.0 SP3
Edition 07/2001 + SP4 V6.0 SP4
Edition 07/2001 + SP5 V6.0 SP5
Edition 07/2001 + SP5 + HF2 V6.0 SP5 HF2
Edition 11/2002 V6.1
Edition 11/2002 + SP1 V6.1 SP1
Edition 11/2003 V6.2
Edition 11/2003 + SP1 V6.2 SP1
Edition 2005 V6.3
Edition 2005 + HF1 V6.3 HF1
Edition 2006 V6.4
Edition 2007 V7.0
Edition 2008 V7.1
Edition 2008 + SP2 V7.1.2
V8.0 (2010) V8.0
V8.1 (2011) V8.1
V8.2 V8.2

More information on the compatibility of SIMATIC NET PC software and Microsoft Windows operating systems is available in Entry ID: 9859007.

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