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Converter software LOHER Dynavert and SINAMICS G180 - communication software Win-IMS (Inverter Management Software) for the connection between a PC and the Converter

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Current Win-IMS AL35 version

The clearly structured PC operating program Win-IMS for communication between a PC and converter via USB adapter RS232, RS485, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO or modem includes the following functions:

  • Prompted commissioning and operator control
  • Online/offline parameterization
  • Oscilloscope function
  • You can toggle between parameter and terminal strip view at any time
  • Function and message generators
  • Can be selected from various operating interface languages
  • Extensive conversion and comparison functions
  • Comments can be entered for all function terminals and messages
  • Upread and download
  • RS 485 bus system with up to 253 converters connected to a PC
  • ASCII import of all parameters for automatic generation of parameter sets
  • Expert system capable of learning

Update Win-IMS from version AK34 to version AL35:

Modified scopes:

  • The software has been released for Windows 10.
  • The terminal strips can be called in the online mode and shown analogous to offline.
  • PROFINET is implemented as additional communication option with the converter.
  • The FL COMSERVER BASIC 232/422/485 is available as additional Ethernet serial converter.
  • The "Comment for parameter set/event memory" allows existing scopes to be deleted.
  • The online help has been revised to some extent; new entries for PROFINET and the FL COMSERVER BASIC 232/422/485 have been added.
  • The DYNAVERT T Series 7, SINAMICS G180 T7, SINAMICS G180 R7, as well as DYNAVERT I Series 7 converters have been adapted to the new general firmware conditions.
  • In addition, some small optimizations, expansions and debugs have been incorporated.

Operator interface languages that are available:
German, English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Czech and Chinese

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows 10, either 32 bit or 64 bit
  • CPU/clock frequency/RAM: See the minimum requirements for the PC operating system
  • Screen resolution: Optimized for 1152x864 pixels
  • Font size: Optimized for 96 dpi
  • PROFIBUS: Softing PROFIBUS driver 5.46.16 (optional, included in the setup)
  • PROFINET: HMS IP Config Tool (optional, included in the setup)

 Registrierung notwendig  Setup_IMS_11C0155-AL35.exe (35.5 MB)


Appropriate protective measures (including IT security, e.g. network segmentation) must be taken in order to ensure safe and secure operation of the system. Further information on Industrial Security is available on the Internet at www.siemens.de/industrialsecurity