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Automatic commissioning of a PROFINET IO system

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A PROFINET IO system shall be started up automatically without the device names being assigned to each device via PG or MMC card. This shall simplify and shorten the commissioning process.

The PROFINET IO function "Automatic addressing of I/O devices during commissioning" fulfils all requirements of the automation task.
A setpoint topology is generated during the configuration and only downloaded on the PROFINET IO controller. The PROFINET IO devices are named during startup on the basis of the setpoint topology.
In case of an error, or if one I/O device is defective it is simply replaced and automatically receives its name.

The following advantages result from this function:

  • Commissioning a PROFINET IO system is simplified.
  • Time saving and reduction of error sources during commissioning.
  • For serial machines the device names need no longer be explicitly burned to storage media.
  • Exchanging the PROFINET IO device without removable storage medium.

The figure below shows the configuration used for this example.

This example explains

  • the basics of the LLDP protocol
  • the function "Automatic commissioning of a PROFINET IO system"
  • the function "Device replacement without exchangeable medium"
  • detailed configuration steps for the topology generation in the topology editor
  • the sequence of reading out a topology from the IO controller


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Automatic commissioning of a PROFINET IO system
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