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Why does my working SITRANS F M flowmeter fail on the Verificator MAGNETISM test?

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Why does my working SITRANS F M flowmeter fail on the Verificator MAGNETISM test?


The MAGNETISM test is a comparison between actual magnetism data and data stored in the Sensorprom memory unit, known as fingerprint data. Unfortunately, there have been periods, where faulty fingerprint data have been stored on the Sensorprom. This causes the flowmeter to fail on the Verificator MAGNETIM test. The fault does NOT influence the measurement. 

The following sensors may contain wrong fingerprint data:


Produced in week 47 2006 (serial nos. xxxxxxT476)

7ME611, 7ME612, 7ME614, 7ME651 and 7ME652

Produced between week 17 2006 to week 48 2007 (Serial nos. xxxxxxN176 to xxxxxxN487)

7ME652 (DN 80 only)

Produced between week 27 to week 32 2008 (Serial nos. xxxxxxT278 to xxxxxT328

7ME634, 7ME652, 7ME658

Produced between week 26 2010 to end of week 34 2010 (Serial nos. U240 to xxxxxxU340)

If your sensor is from the above-mentioned periods, it is important to detect whether the test failure is due to faulty fingerprint data or not:

  • Send the test file to Siemens Flow Instrument. Please contact technical support for evaluation via the service portal ASSIST.

If you have a Sensorprom program unit the problem can be resolved on-site:

  • Set the fingerprint value to 0 (zero)
  • Complete a new Verificator test by pressing yes when asked to “Update Sensorprom”.
  • Send the file from completed test to Siemens Flow Instrument technical support for evaluation

If you do not have a Sensorprom program unit, a new Sensorprom with corrected fingerprint can be supplied via technical support.

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