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Wiring and Voting Architectures for failsafe Digital Input (F-DI) and Output Modules (F-DO) of the ET 200M

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Several failsafe digital signals shall be monitored and failsafe actuators shall be controlled in a plant. Depending on importance and failure risk, there are several options of wiring and voting the signals.

The voting can, for example, be realized in the digital input modules and/or in the CPU. The various possibilities of wiring and voting failsafe signals are illustrated in this application example. Additional the wiring and voting of failsafe outputs are illustrated too.

Featured architectures
  • One sensor (1oo1)
  • Two sensors (1oo2) – voting in the F-DI
  • Two sensors (1oo2) – voting in the user program
  • Control of actuators

  Wiring and Voting for failsafe F-DI and F-DO (3,6 MB)

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