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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 37341072, Entry date: 07/08/2009

SINAUT TIM 4R-IE V1.0.9 Communication Module Released for Delivery

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  The SINAUT TIM 4R-IE V1.0.9 communication module is herewith released for delivery. ...


The SINAUT TIM 4R-IE V1.0.9 communication module is herewith released for delivery.



1. Product description

The SINAUT TIM 4R-IE communication module with new firmware version V1.0.9 is herewith released for delivery.

Upgrading of existing TIM 4R-IE modules is only recommended if one of the problems described below occurs.

2. Ordering data 

Product Name Order No.
TIM 4R-IE 6NH7800-4BA00

3. Details of the changes

3.1  Corrected problems and additions

1.) When using TD7onTIM and simultaneous connection of an OP via MPI to the local CPU,
an incorrect connection configuration in the OP could lead to a deadlock on the TIM.

2.) In some situations PG Routing would not work if the TIM4RIE was used as node
and routing established from the switching network to Ethernet.

3.) If the station in the case of an aborted incoming call was not known,
background call repetition would not be activated in some cases.

4.) In the case of a redundant connection via Ethernet and switch network, a permanent connection would
sometimes be activated but could not be disconnected when the current data path was switched to Ethernet.

5.) If an outgoing call collides with an incoming call, the incoming call will always be treated preferentially
by the driver. However, if no connection was established in this phase and the outgoing call had previously
been triggered by background call repetition, no background call repetition would be executed anymore.

6.) In the case of a warm restart indication errors would sometimes occur in the diagnostic tool with respect to the memory configuration.

7.) After each warm restart with battery available the images were not reconstructed correctly,
but new images created instead. After a time this would lead to a overflow of the image memory.

8.) In the case of a cold restart with unsynchronized time the time value of the TIM was set to 0, which
resulted in the year 2070 to be specified. The clock value will now be set to 01.01.2000 00:00:00.

9.) Various diagnostic stages have been introduced for better diagnosis.


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