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APC Add-on-Products versus PCS 7-integrated APC-Functions

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The following contribution is intended to support taking the APC software packages on basic of appropriate decision, considering the setting of a task, the desired function range (set of features) and the non-functional requirements.
Objective of the Application
Besides the APC functions in the SIMATIC PCS 7 APC Library respectively Advanced Process Library there are some more APC software packages in the PCS 7 add-on catalogue (available on www.automation.siemens.com):
  • INCA: Model based predictive multivariable controller
  • Presto: Softsensors for quantities not directly measurable
  • RaPID: Expert tool for optimization of PID controllers
  • ADCO: permanent adaptive controller
  • Matlab/Simulink-DDE-Client: Online interface for APC
  • FuzzyControl++: Engineering tool for fuzzy logic
  • NeuroSystems: Engineering tool for artificial neural networks

Some functionalities, like e.g. fuzzy logic or adaptive control can be realized only with an Add-on product. On the other hand, in the areas of PID optimi-zation, neural networks and predictive control, the customer has the choice between an add-on product and an APC function already included in PCS 7.

The illustrations added provide a visual impression of the graphical user interfaces of the software tools. As opposed to the other application notes, they are not intended to be a step-by-step manual for the application of the software. More detailed information concerning features and usage of the software tools can be found in the original documentation of the respective products.

Main contents
The following main points are discussed in this application note:

  • Optimization of PID controllers: RaPID by Ipcos versus PCS 7 PID-Tuner
  • Softsensors based on artificial neural networks: Presto by Ipcos versus SIMATIC NeuroSystems
  • Model based predictive control: INCA by Ipcos versus PCS 7 ModPreCon

This entry was created with SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 SP1, the procedure is transferable up to PCS 7 V8.1.

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