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Simple networking and cascading of drives (Set 8)

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Automation task
A water user shall be supplied with water on demand via four pumps. Four asynchronous motors drive one pump each. Assuming an output of 100% for each pump, an output of 400% is to be generated by cascading all four pumps.
By switching pumps on and off an equal load for all pumps shall be ensured taking into consideration the operating times. The pumping output of a pump which has been released for maintenance shall be automatically taken over by a pump with free capacity.
Apart from the above described automatic operation, it shall also be possible to operate each pump manually.
In order to take into consideration the various pump types, it shall be possible to operate all pumps in positive and negative direction. The plant shall be operated via a monochrome Touch Panel.

Figure 01

Automation solution  
The 4 asynchronous motors are controlled with one SINAMICS G110 type frequency converter each.
In order to minimize the wiring expenses between the S7-1200 communication module CM 1241 and the frequency converter, the SINAMICS G110 with integrated bus interface (RS485 with USS protocol) was selected as a frequency converter. This allows control of all 4 frequency converters via S7-1200 CPU 1214C.
The compact controller S7-1200, CPU 1214C is configured via the programming user interface STEP 7 Basic V10.5, which enables the integration of an USS library, included in delivery, for simple controlling of the frequency converter.
The KTP 600 touch panel represents the user interface for the operator. Configuration is also carried out using STEP 7 Basic V10.5.

Figure 02

Startup Code
For the startup we offer you software examples with test code and test parameters as download. These software examples support you in the first steps and tests of the configuration examples. They enable a quick test of hardware and software interfaces of the products described in the configuration example.


Content of the downloads


Flyer 37604154_Set_8_Flyer_V10_en.pdf ( 251 KB )
Configuration Example ConfigurationExample_x8_S7-1200_USS_v1d0_en.pdf ( 4383 KB )
Startup Code V1.0 with control program for CPU 1214C and HMI project for KTP 600 (STEP 7 Basic V10.5 ) 2009_06_05_CE_x8_V1d0.zip ( 2224 KB )


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S7-1200 System manual System manual

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