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What are the causes of PCS 7 control technology and system messages and what measures are to be taken to clear them?

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The attached Excel file contains a list of control technology and system messages that might occur in the message system of the OS Runtime system. These messages are triggered not only by the PCS 7 Basic system, but also by PCS 7 Options (like SIMATIC BATCH and SIMATIC Maintenance Station).

As far as possible, we have defined one or more measures for each message, which should help you clear the messages and possibly avoid them in the future.

The Excel file is in German and English. You simply select the relevant button for the language you require. The "All" button displays both languages at the same time.

PCS 7 System message ( 2756 KB )

This list has been created from PCS 7 version V7.1 and the associated options. Most of the messages can also occur in previous versions. The measures specified should also apply there.