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When you install or uninstall WinCC flexible, why are some fonts no longer available for STEP 7 Basic V10.5?

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After installing or uninstalling WinCC flexible, some fonts are systematically no longer available if you have

  • installed WinCC flexible 2007 or WinCC flexible 2008 after STEP 7 Basic V10.5
  • uninstalled WinCC flexible 2007, WinCC flexible 2008 or WinCC flexible 2008 + SP1 after STEP 7 Basic.

These fonts are still on the computer and you must enable or insert them again in Windows.


No. Procedure:

Open the explorer in Microsoft Windows

  • via "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer or
  • by right-clicking on "Start" and selecting "Explorer" in the pop-up menu that opens.
2 In the Explorer, in the address bar you enter the statement "%WINDIR% Fonts" and click on the Enter button. The Fonts folder opens.

Open the "Add Fonts" dialog with the menu command "File > Install New Font...".

Fig. 01


Select the folder in which Windows has stored the fonts. The path for the folder is in the address line or in the Explorer.

Fig. 02


Now mark the following fonts in the "List of fonts:" and confirm with OK.

  • Siemens Sans Global
  • Siemens Sans Global Bold
  • Siemens Sans Global Bold Italic
  • Siemens Sans Global Italic

The fonts are then available again.

In MS Windows Vista, you need administrator rights for installing the fonts.