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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 38066687, Entry date: 10/20/2009

Application for the "PUT" and "GET" Function Blocks of the S7 Communication

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The exchange of small data volumes between an S7-300 station and the WinAC MP software PLC via Industrial Ethernet is realized with little configuration and programming overhead on the basis of S7-communication. The WinAC software PLC is installed on an MP377 12'' Touch Multi Panel.

The following picture shows the hardware configuration of the solution:

In this application the S7 communication with the "PUT" and "GET" services is used for data exchange.

Here the WinAC MP software PLC acts as a client for the S7 communication. The connection configuration and the realization of the PUT and GET services are performed in the client that actively establishes the communication connection. The FB4 “GET_PUT” user function block is called in the user program of the WinAC MP software PLC. This function block encapsulates the SFB14 "GET" and SFB15 "PUT" system function block calls for the data transfer. Via parameters it provides the user with a simple interface.

The user data is sent and received cyclically or process-controlled with the FB4 "GET_PUT" user function block. On the input parameters of the FB4 "GET_PUT", set the number of user data which should be exchange, as well as the source and destination address of the system function blocks SFB14 "GET" and SFB15 "PUT".

Here the S7-300 station acts as a server for the S7 communication, i.e. it is passively involved in establishing the connection. In the S7-300 station, a connection configuration and a call of communication function blocks or system function blocks are not necessary to realize write and read services.

You can operate this application via a simple user interface on an MP377 12'' Touch Multi Panel.


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Application for the "PUT" and "GET" Function Blocks of the S7 Communication
38066687_PUT_GET_WinAC_MP_v10_e.pdf ( 1528 KB )
STEP 7 project (Configuration and user program)
38066687_WinAC_MP.zip ( 3743 KB )

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