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How do you access S7-1200 tags with a panel or RT configured with WinCC flexible 2008 SP2?

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Core statement
With WinCC flexible 2008 Service Pack 2 all panels with an Ethernet interface that can be configured with WinCC flexible 2008 and the WinCC flexible 2008 Runtime can access S7-1200 data blocks using absolute addresses (no symbolic DBs) via the "SIMATIC S7 300/400" driver.

The following items are supported:

  • Data type: Bool, Byte, Char, DInt, DWord, Int, Real, Time, Word, String, Array
  • New S7-1200 data type:
    • SInt can be connected in WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 as Char
      (range: -128 to 127)
    • USInt can be connected in WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 as Byte
      (range: 0 to 255)
    • UInt can be connected in WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 as Word
      (range: 0 to 65535)
    • UDInt can be connected in WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 as DWord
      (range: 0 to 4294967295)
  • Structures (Struct, IEC_Counter, IEC_Timer, DTL, IEC_SCounter, IEC_DCounter, IEC_UCounter, IEC_USCounter, IEC_UDCounter, ErrorStruct) are not supported, but elements of structures can be connected in WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 separately.
  • Read and write access to peripheral inputs and outputs
  • Tag multiplexing
  • Recipes
  • Discrete alarms
  • Analog alarms
  • Screen number
  • Project ID
  • Data records
  • Coordination
  • Controller jobs

The procedure for the communication with WinCC flexible 2008 Runtime  is described below.

No. Remarks
1 Create a data block using an absolute address in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) via "Add new block" and "Global DB".
Remove the check mark for the option "Symbolic access only" or choose the block access "Standard - compatible with S7-300/400" in STEP 7 V11.

Fig. 01

From STEP 7 V12 you must deactivate the attribute "Optimized block access" in the block properties after adding the data block.


From CPU firmware V4 you have to activate the connection mechanism "Permit access with PUT/GET communication from remote partner (PLC, HMI, OPC, ...)" in the PLC properties in the menu "Protection".


2 In the data block, you create the tags that WinCC flexible 2008 will access.

Fig. 04

3 In WinCC flexible 2008, you create a connection via "Communication > Connections".

Fig. 05

  • Select "SIMATIC S7 300/400" as the communication driver.
  • Select "Ethernet" as the interface.
  • Enter the IP address for the WinCC flexible Runtime and the S7-1200 station.
  • Select "S7ONLINE" as the operator panel's access point.
  • Specify "1" as the PLC's expansion slot.
4 Open the PG/PC interface under "Start > Control panel > Set PG/PC interface".
In the PG/PC interface, you must set the access point "S7ONLINE" to "TCP/IP -> [Used network card]".

Fig. 06

5 Create the S7-1200 tags using absolute addresses under "Communication > Tags" compare with Fig. 04).

Fig. 07

Table 01

Service Pack 2 for WinCC flexible 2008 is available under entry ID: 38612895.
It is also possible to migrate your WinCC flexible project to WinCC (TIA Portal): Entry-ID 76878921.

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