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SIMOVERT P (6SE20/21), MICROMASTER, SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x): Successsor, replacement inverter.

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This FAQ applies only to the SIMOVERT P (6SE20/21), MICROMASTER, SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x) inverters. Description.

Where can I find a replacement for my old SIMOVERT P, MICROMASTER or SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x) inverter?

If you want to replace an old inverter with an equivalent one you can use the "DT-Configurator" tool with following link www.siemens.com/dt-configurator .
It is also possible to select an equivalent inverter by using the SIEMENS SIZER tool; Entry-ID: 54992004

For this methode you only need some characteristical data of the old inverter. It is possible to get this data with the PMD Tool (only Siemens internal) or with the following listed characteristical data. As an example the order number 6SE3114-0DC40:

Data Example
Order number   6SE3114-0DC40 6SE6440-2UD21-5AA1
Infeed Line data 3AC 400V / 50Hz 3AC 400V / 50Hz
Interference suppression No No
Energy recovery No No
Inverter Design Chassis Chassis
Power rating 1.5kW 1.5kW
Overload capability 150% / 60s 150% / 60s
Degree of protection IP21 IP20
Control mode V/f V/f
Communication modules Terminal Terminal
Output frequency range 50Hz 50Hz
Motor protection (I²/t, PTC, KTY) I²/t I²/t
Functions (Safety-function, PID-controler, free function blocks) No No
Options Line reactor / output choke No No
Filter No No
Brake resistor No No
Evaluation motor encoder No No
Motor   Asynchronous, 3AC 400V / 50Hz, 1,5kW Asynchronous, 3AC 400V / 50Hz, 1,5kW

Further information
Today's MICROMASTER 4 as well as SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0x) can, in most cases, be replaced by SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0-2).
SINAMICS G120 (CU2x0-2) onwards are compatible from a functional perspective; however they are not compatible from a spare part perspective – i.e. the parameterization must be appropriately adapted.
See therefore:

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Generally, older inverters have an integrated, basic (simple) operator panel. This is no longer the case for newer inverter types. Operator panels and additional accessories can be found in the “Configurator” under the “Accessories” tab.