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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 38479476, Entry date: 09/28/2009

Sales and delivery release, SinuCom Commissioning and Service Tools SW release 7.6

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The SinuCom commissioning and service tools

        SinuCom NC,
        SinuCom FFS,
        SinuCom CFS,
        SinuCom ARC,
        SinuCom PCIN
and the
        commissioning tool;

SW release 7.6 are, effective immediately, released for delivery.

The integrated "Commissioning Tool SINAMICS S120/SIMODRIVE 611 digital" was updated to SW release 7.6. SinuCom NC has been updated to SW release V07.06.08 with HMI Base V07.60.28.


The SinuCom commissioning and service tools are used for simple commissioning/service of SINUMERIK 810D/840D/840D sl/840Di sl. They have been designed to be used by personnel from the machinery construction OEMs.

Components that have been released:

Component Order No. Version
SinuCom commissioning and service tools

Software 7.6, single license, on DVD
Software 7.6, update, on DVD
Order No. of the actual software release



The following are included on the DVD:

Tools Version
SinuCom NC (de/en/fr/it/sp)
with CT Editor
HMI Base
SinuCom ARC (de/en) V02.03.00.00
SinuCom FFS (de/en) V01.01.01.00
SinuCom PCIN (en) V01.03.03.00
SinuCom CFS (de/en) V01.02.03.00
Commissioning Tool SW 7.6 (de/en/fr/it/sp/v-ch) V07.06.00.00
Install disk V00.05.00.00

Orders entered with the current SW release 6FC5250-0AY00-0AG0 will be substituted for software 7.6.

Additional software releases:

SinuCom Software 6.2 6FC5250-6AY00-2AG0 will still be available for delivery
SinuCom Software 6.4 6FC5250-6AY00-4AG0 will still be available for delivery
SinuCom Software 7.1 SP2 6FC5250-7AY00-1AG0 will still be available for delivery
SinuCom Software 7.2 6FC5250-7AY00-2AG0 will still be available for delivery
SinuCom Software 7.3 SP1 6FC5250-7AY00-3AG0 will still be available for delivery
SinuCom Software 7.5 SP2 6FC5250-7AY00-5AG0 will still be available for delivery

Expanded functionality of SinuCom 7.6 with respect to 7.5 SP2
Also refer to ProdIS 25520313

Commissioning Tool
Commissioning area:
• Supports the "Modular machine" concept in conjunction with NCU-SW from 2.6 and higher.
• File functions for SINAMICS data from NCU SW 2.6
• Saves/backs up SINAMICS drive data - also in the ASCII format from NCU-SW 2.6
• Reference/actual value comparison for the firmware of all SINAMICS components
• Commissioning tool for linear motors
• Graphic topology diagnostics
• 1PH8... motors are supported from NCU SW 2.6 and higher
• Drive commissioning for 828D

Please refer to the upgrade instructions for additional information.

IBN_Tool_76.pdf ( 42 KB )

SinuCom_ARC.pdf ( 11 KB )

  SinuCom_NC.pdf ( 107 KB )


SinuCom NC - - - - - Yes
SinuCom FFS - - - - Yes Yes
SinuCom CFS - - - - - Yes
SinuCom ARC - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
SinuCom PCIN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commissioning tool - - - - - Yes

"-" is not supported


• The commissioning tool 7.6 can be combined with 840D sl NCU 7xx from SW 1.4 SP1, 810D / 840D from SW 6.5, 840Di sl SW 1.4
• The help system is based on the documentation for NCU SW 2.6 (solution line) or 7.4 (powerline Version)
• The NC alarm texts are based on NCU -SW 2.6 (solution line) or 7.4 (powerline version)
• The commissioning tool 7.6 can only run on Windows XP from SP2 and higher.


  • The DVD supplied includes SinuCom commissioning / service tools - Operator Manual - Edition 07/2008 (DE/EN)

Information regarding "Cardware"

Refer to ProdIS 21336365

For additional information, please contact your local Siemens office.

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