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SIMATIC & SIMOTION: Configuring RT communication between SIMATIC and SIMOTION (I-Device)

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The I-Device functionality has been available since SIMOTION V4.1.1 in order to exchange data between SIMATIC and a SIMOTION control via PROFINET. This means that in this case the SIMOTION controller acts as "intelligent IO device" = IDevice. This means that data is exchanged between the controls via the I/O areas.
The SIMATIC CPU is the higher-level IO controller in the PROFINET IO system. The SIMOTION control is configured as I-Device and is therefore an IO device of the SIMATIC CPU.
Communication can be established in both directions (bidirectional) via I/O areas using the I-Device functionality.
Further, this function allows both controls to operate in separate projects.
Further, using the I-Device, a machine module can be encapsulated, so that this can then be used several times in a large plant or system.

In this application, a description is given on how a SIMOTION I-Device connected to a SIMATIC CPU can be configured in order to exchange data between both controls via PROFINET RT.
In the project example, 254 bytes are sent from the SIMOTION control to the SIMATIC CPU. The SIMATIC control then returns the received data, mirrored.



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project example, ST units and an address list

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