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SIMOTION Press Handling

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Task & Field of Application

Feeder (SimoFeed)
Feeders are used for loading and unloading of presses and for the transport between presses or presses and stations for orientation in press lines. The Feeder is controlled from the press (press in operation mode single stroke), the presses of a press line are not synchronized.

Electronic Transfer (SimoTrans)
In presses with progressive dies, press lines for large parts (mechanical or servo presses) transfers with gripper rails are used to transport or transfer the work pieces synchronized to the press. The parts are transferred in the “press cycle”.


The SIMOTION Press Handling Application is a software package for the automation of press handling systems. The software package offers a project framework for the automation of your machine and can be adapted to the machine type by your application.
The approach of the solution SIMOTION Press Handling is based on a standard library including different function blocks. A detailed manual and an example of the application for SIMOTION demo systems describe the usage of this library.


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