Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 38849821, Entry date: 10/20/2014

What actions lead to loss of "AS RT PO" licenses with PCS 7?

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The following actions lead to loss of AS RT PO licenses if they have not been booked back previously.


No. Action Remedy
1 Deleting the PCS 7 project or S7 program Book the process objects back before deleting.
2 Moving the S7 program to another AS Book the process objects back before moving.
3 Loading an S7 program into multiple ASs Create a separate S7 program for each automation system.
4 Using a project backup in which not all the POs have been configured Book the process objects back before backing up.
5 Replacing the CPU including the RAM or SEC card
If you replace just the CPU or just the RAM or SEC card, the AS is recognized as the previous target system and the POs are not booked again.
Book the process objects back before replacing the components.
6 Loading the AS from different ESs with multiproject engineering.
If the project is distributed to multiple ESs from the central ES, when loading the AS, the POs are booked by the loading ES even if they have already been booked by another ES.
Transfer the existing licenses to the central ES only and select the central ES in the "Automation License Manager" search list of the other ES.

Open the relevant single project of the remote ES from the central ES.

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