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GPRS/ Modbus Gateway (CE-X1)

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Note The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out. ...

The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out.
This application can be realized as easily and quickly with the new SIMATIC S7-1200.

Furthermore, many useful applications with SIMATIC S7-1200 are available here: 35923253 Task description  
Several modbus nodes, consisting of S7-200 controller and PCs, are to communicate with a modbus master in a production area of a plant. A PC-based control center is to allow visualization and logging of process values of the production area. The decentralized production area is to be analogously linked to the control center with the Micro Automation Set 21, using a GPRS network.

This Configuration Example CE-X1 helps to solve the tasks displayed. The focus is on how to understand the combination of a GPRS-system and a Modbus-System via S7-200. Furthermore how to implement it into the S7-200 PLC to work as gateway for both systems. The focus is not on the Central Station side where the Micro Automation Set 21 solution is set.

To operate a SIMATIC S7-200 with a MODEM MD720 along with the Telecontrol Server Basic, revised/new block libraries are available under the following link 99522310.


Content of the downloads


Configuration Example X1 (Documentation to the Application Example) 39026334_CE-X1_S7-200_GPRS_Modbus_DOKU_V10_e.pdf ( 386 KB )
Startup-Code for the Configuration Example X1 (STEP 7-Micro/WIN projects, WinCC flexible Visualization, SINAUT Micro SC Configuration) CE-X1_S7-200_Modbus_GPRS.zip ( 2012 KB )

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S7-200 System manual Entry ID: 1109582
Micro Automation Set 21 Entry ID: 22537809
Modbus-library for S7-200 Entry ID: 17470979

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