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Entry type: Application example, Entry ID: 39099329, Entry date: 09/25/2014

Access to S7-200 PLC's with Smartphone/PDA (CE-X2)

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The SIMATIC S7-200 components used in this application example are currently phased out.
This application can be realized as easily and quickly with the new SIMATIC S7-1200.

Furthermore, many useful applications with SIMATIC S7-1200 are available here: 35923253

Task description and Solution  
Several remote S7-200 controllers are to be managed from a central station using the SINAUT MICRO SC remote control system. Data exchange is to take place via GPRS using the GPRS modem MD720-3. In the central station, the WinCC flexible 2008 RT HMI system is to allow to visualize and operate the remote S7-200 stations.

At the same time, important process data is to be editable on a PDA. Changing the process data is to be possible only after entering a login consisting of user name and password.

To operate a SIMATIC S7-200 with a MODEM MD720 along with the Telecontrol Server Basic, revised/new block libraries are available under the following link 99522310.


Inhalt der Downloads


Configuration Example X2 (Documentation to the Application Example) ConfigurationExample_X2_S7-200_V1d0_en.pdf ( 299 KB )
Startup-Code Remote Station (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Project) CE-x2_S7-200_Remote_Station_v1d0.zip ( 94 KB )
Startup-Code Remote Station (STEP 7-Micro/WIN Library) CE-x2_S7-200_Library_V1d2.zip ( 65 KB )
Startup-Code Central Station (WinCC flexible) CE-x2_WinCC_flexible_Central_Station_v1d0.zip ( 1935 KB )
Startup-Code Central Station (miniWeb HTML-Webcontent) CE-x2_Webcontent_Central_Station_v1d0.zip ( 3 KB )
Startup-Code Central Station (SINAUT SC - Configuration file) CE-x2_M2MOPC.zip ( 335 bytes )

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S7-200 System manual Entry ID: 1109582
Micro Automation Set 31 Beitrags-ID: 30321000
Micro Automation Set 41 Beitrags-ID: 31745883

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