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3RK13_5 Motor Starter M200D: Parametrizing data block for ASi Standard Starters

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This entry contains information about parameterizing data block „M200D_ASi_STD_WR_PARA“.


How can one easily parameterize a Motor Starter M200D ASi Standard 3RK1325-6xSxx-xAAx ?




The Motor Starter M200D ASI Standard 3RK1325-6xSxx-xAAx can be parameterized easily with the aid of the data block „M200D_ASi_STD_WR_PARA“.

For the configuration of the parameters there is an UDT supplied in the program code. This template can be employed in every data block.
The data block can be embedded in every PLC-program.

There is the example for the AS-I block "ASI_3422" (FC7) and with the AS-I block "ASI_CTRL" (FB19)
The block with FB19 is usable also for Step7 V13

Important note:
This program/example is freeware. Every user is free to use, copy and to pass forward this program free of charge. The authors and holder of rights of this program exclude any liability for the functionality or compatibility of this software. Application is performed at one’s own risk. Since this software is free of charge, there exists no warranty, no entitlement for fault correction and hotline support.

Example with “ASI_3422”

Operating manual for the application of the block
  Manual_Parameter_Setting_M200D_ASI_Std_FC7_e.pdf (216,9 KB) 

Program files (Step 7 V5)

 Registrierung notwendig  M200D_Parameter_FC7.zip (38,5 KB)

Example with "ASI_CTRL"
Operating manual for the application of the block
  Manual_Parameter_setting_M200D_ASI_Std_FB19_e_V21.pdf (248,1 KB)

Program files (Step 7 V5)
 Registrierung notwendig  M200D_Parameter_FB19.zip (41,8 KB)

Program files (Step 7 V13)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_M200D_ASi_STD_Para_V13_SP1.zip (3,6 MB)
SHA-256 Checksumme:
   Registrierung notwendig  Code_TIA_M200D_ASi_STD_Para_V13_SP1.txt (1 KB) Information about SHA-256

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