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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 39198694, Entry date: 11/13/2009

Packages with SIMATIC WinCC and WinCC flexible now available for many SIMATIC Industrial PCs

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The availability of the software packages with the SIMATIC software products WinCC and WinCC flexible is expanded to include additional SIMATIC Industrial PCs. The Industrial PC and software package still have to be ordered at the same time.  

The marketing of the software packages is expanded to more SIMATIC Industrial PCs.  

The list of SIMATIC Industrial PCs released now includes:

  • Panel PC 577B and 677 / 677B
  • HMI IPC577C
  • Box PC 627B and 827B
  • Rack PC 547B / 647B and 847B 
  • IPC547C

Together with one of the Industrial PCs listed, one of the following SIMATIC software packages (Runtime) has to be ordered.
Subsequent package orders cannot be accepted. 

SIMATIC Software:

SIMATIC WinCC flexible (always the latest version, currently 2008 SP1)

Package: WinCC flexible 2008; RT 128 PowerTags 6AV6623-2BA00-0AA0
Package: WinCC flexible 2008; RT 512 PowerTags 6AV6623-2DA00-0AA0
Package: WinCC flexible 2008; RT 2048 PowerTags 6AV6623-2FA00-0AA0
Package: WinCC flexible 2008; RT 4096 PowerTags 6AV6623-2GA00-0AA0


WinCC Package V7.0; RT 128 PowerTags 6AV6382-2CA07-0AX0
WinCC Package V7.0; RT 512 PowerTags 6AV6382-2DA07-0AX0
WinCC Package V7.0; RT 2048 PowerTags 6AV6382-2EA07-0AX0
WinCC Package V7.0; RT 8192 PowerTags 6AV6382-2HA07-0AX0
WinCC Package V7.0; RT 65536 PowerTags 6AV6382-2FA07-0AX0


WinCC Package V6.2; RT 128 PowerTags 6AV6382-2CA06-2AX0
WinCC Package V6.2; RT 256 PowerTags 6AV6382-2DA06-2AX0
WinCC Package V6.2; RT 1024 PowerTags 6AV6382-2EA06-2AX0
WinCC Package V6.2; RT 8192 PowerTags 6AV6382-2HA06-2AX0
WinCC Package V6.2; RT 65536 PowerTags 6AV6382-2FA06-2AX0

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